Forestry Grants

updated April 13th, 2015

Afforestation Grant Schemes

Afforestation grant schemes are designed to cover the cost of planting and establishing a forest, and provides a tax-free premium for the landowner(but subject to Universal Social Charge). The Grants and Premiums rates, which apply, are determined by the type and area of land involved, the species planted. There is no longer a distinction between the farmer and non farmer rate. The premium lasts for 15 years. Grants and premium payments are dependent on strict adherence to all environmental guidelines and the Code of Best Forest Practice.

Afforestation Premium Schemes

Premium Rates

Afforestation Grant Scheme: Premium Rates (new approvals) effective 1 Jan 2015 (€/ha)

Grant Premium Category (GPC) Premium Duration
GPC 1-Unenclosed 185 15
GPC 2-Sitka spruce / lodgepole pine 440 15
GPC 3-10% Diverse 510 15
GPC 4-Diverse 560 15
GPC 5-Broadleaves 575 15
GPC 6-Oak 615 15
GPC 7-Beech 615 15
GPC 8-Alder 575 -
GPC 9-Native Woodland establishment (scenario 1-3) 635 15
GPC 10-Native Woodland establishment (scenario 4) 635 15

Native Woodland Scheme

There are 2 Grant Premium Categories(GPC) here,  GPC 9 relates to scenario 1-3 and GPC 10 relates to scenario 4.  These scenarios relate to soil types and what species would suit them best.

There is a certain amount of money available towards the Native Woodland Conservation Scheme in the budget of the Forest Service.

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