Thinking of Planting a Forest?

this could mean…

  • 15 year income from forestry premium(subject to Universal Social Charge and farmer and non farmer premium is now the same)
  • you retain full ownership
  • no financial outlay
  • earn income from your marginal sites
  • afforestation premium up to €635/ha

Contact FD Forestry today to find out how our Forestry Services can help you:

Phone: 087-2698842 or Email: info@fdforestry.com

Does your forest need a management plan?

A management plan is necessary for larger forests (greater than 10ha for conifers and 5ha for broadleaves) and outlines a 10 year forest plan.

Have you inspection paths?

Inspection paths will be needed to show potential buyers your thinnings.

Do you have access or is a road required?

Prior to thinning your forest a roading grant should be applied for. By building a road you are increasing the value of your crop bu facilitating access.

Does your forest need thinning?

This depends on the species, height, productivity, susceptibility to windthrow.

How productive is your forest?

A quick inventory will reveal an estimate as to what volume and assortments of timber should come out of your forest.

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